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Extracurricular Activities Division
Job TitleNamePhoneE-mailBusiness
Head鄭宏文11220EmailTitle:Section Director

1. Overall management of the affairs of the Extracurricular Activities Section.
2. Internal control of operation-related matters.
3. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.


1. Organizations to counsel: Student Union, Student Council, Faculty Clubs of the School of Creative Science and School of Social Sciences; sports clubs.
2. Control of all budgets: funds for student counselling, compilation of the budget for the whole Office, including that for the Higher Education Sprout Project, window of the Student Affairs Office.
3. Handling the three Guangxi exchange activities due for March, as well as Guangxi volunteers for overseas service.
4. Community organization system.
5. Speakers in the Community Foundation Workshop: Applications for activities, finance, regulations.
6. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.


1. Organizations to counsel: Faculty Society of Lohas College; academic and art organizations; service-based organizations; federation of graduates.
2. Counselling service to the federation of graduates: Graduation group photo, graduation gown rental, graduation program fee collection, graduation activities, etc.
3. Speakers in Community Foundation Workshop: activity audit and write-off.
4. Recording the itinerary of the Dean, Office of Student Affairs.
5. Convening meetings of community organization counselling teachers, application for payments to community organization counselling teachers.
6. Service-based strategic alliance.
7. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.

Project Assistant蕭蓉11225EmailTitle:Project Assistant
Name:Xiao, Rong

1. Counselling service to the Xin Yuan Li Society (薪原力社).
2. Handling of scholarships for indigenous students.
3. Applying for setting up of the resource centre for indigenous students project, and its implementation.
4. Handling matters relating to students quitting university (counselling of students with indigenous resident status quitting university).
5. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.

Deputy: Wan,Kai-Jung
Project Assistant萬鎧榕11223EmailTitle:Project Assistant

1. Organizations to counsel: Faculty society of the School of Humanities and School of Buddhist Studies; organizations of a recreational nature; social clubs.
2. Management and distribution of work-study students within the Section, training for work-study students.
3. Management of equipment and activity venues and their borrowing.
4. Convening meetings of the Organization Resources Audit Group, preparing agendas and producing minutes of meeting, etc.
5. Purchase of goods 資本門(capital account, costs), 社辦分配 (distribution by organization office).
6. Organizing basic workshops for organization and providing speakers: basic data maintenance.
7. Convening meetings of community organization presidents, meeting of Principal and community organization cadre.
8. Co-ordination of international voluntary work.
9. General duties within the Section: work reports, monthly reports, change of postal accounts.
10. Business relating to the North 1st District (北一區) of the tertiary institution.
11. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.

Deputy: Xiao,Rong
Project Assistant鄒家蓉11226EmailTitle: Project Assistance
Name: Zou,Jia-Rong
Ext: 11226
E-mail: jrzou@mail.fgu.edu.tw
Office: A106

1. Planning, implementation, control and winding-up of the Higher Education Sprout Project.
2. Formulating the operating system and regulations of the college.
3. Planning the activities of the college, implementation thereof, audit and write-off of funds and review of results.
4. Application for funds relating to the college, and the winding-up of the college
5. Despatching, receiving, and filing documents, and building of a filing system.
6. College property inventory taking.
7. Planning of the social activity and practice(社會實踐) program of the college, selection of projects, training, execution and sharing.
8. College budget preparation.
9. Counselling and assisting student organizations of the college.
10. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.
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