蕭蓉 Xiao,Rong
Status SA Div
Name 蕭蓉 Xiao,Rong
Email rxiao@mail.fgu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. 11214
職稱 Assistant
負責業務 1. Handling student loan applications, and scrutiny and approval thereof.
2. Formulation of plans for the promotion of moral character building education and Sprout schooling (深耕學校) by tertiary institutions subsidized by the Ministry of Education, its implementation and results review.
3. Implementation of Academic Affairs Department's projects on Teaching Excellence and Higher Education Sprout Project, and review of its results.
4. Selection of goodwill ambassadors, their management, training, service and activities.
5. Management and updating of Student Affairs Office’s webpage.
6. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
佛光大學 社會學系 學士 學士 2011.09 ~ 2015.06
Experience Category Organization Title Job Title Duration
專任 學生事務處 約聘辦事員 2020.02 ~ 2020.09
專任 學生事務處 專案助理 2018.04 ~ 2020.01
星希望照顧服務中心無 社工員 2017.05 ~ 2018.04
財團法人台北市松山寺秘書 行政秘書 2015.08 ~ 2017.01