Lin,Yi Chun
Counseling Div
Name Lin,Yi Chun
Office Tel No. 11244
Email yschen@mail.fgu.edu.tw
職稱 Project Assistant
負責業務 1.Handling of adapting to life and social-related activities. 
2.Assisiting in applying for grants and scholarships. 
3. Applying and management of assistive devices. 
4. Propery management. 
5. Accessible environment needs evaluation. 
6.University test-taking facilities adjustment. 
7.Case manager of the College of Social Sciences and Management , and College of Creativity and Technology. 
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
世新大學 社會心理學系 學士 學士 2005.09 ~ 2009.06
Experience Category Organization Title Job Title Duration
專任 學生事務處 專案助理 2020.05 ~ 2020.09