劉克強 Liu,Ke-Chiang
SA Div
Name 劉克強 Liu,Ke-Chiang
Office Tel No. 11215
Email kcliu@mail.fgu.edu.tw
職稱 Project Assistant
負責業務 1.Handling of work-study students’ labour insurance, and increase or cancellation thereof.
2.Handling the management and application of student work-study grants.
3.Providing Human Rights Protection and Rule of Law Education( including propaganda and instruction on intellectual property rights.).
4.To arrange the Part-Time Workers budget.
5.Budget management of Student Activity Supporting.
6.Higher Education Sprout Project-Intellectual property & human rights instructor.
7.Implement the other projects plan.
8.Handling of emergency matters relating to student safety.
9.Counsellor to the Lohas College and the Buddhist college.
10. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
陸軍軍官學校 電機系 學士 學士 1989.08 ~ 1993.11
Experience Category Organization Title Job Title Duration
專任 學生事務處 學務創新專案助理 2015.08 ~ 2020.09
陸軍通信電子資訊學校學員生教務處 訓練參謀官 2010.10 ~ 2011.09
陸軍通信電子資訊學校一般指參組 教官 2007.07 ~ 2010.10