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physical education and health services division

The sports development objective of Foguang University, based on the pro-sports ideas of Venerable Master Xing Yun, founder of the university, and supporting the government’s spirit of promoting country-wide sporting activities, is to foster a solid sports foundation among students, aiming at achieving healthy and all-round physical and mental development through balanced progress in all five branches of education. In practice therefore it is, through three years of physical education training, to enable each student to acquire more than one sporting skill, as his or her lifelong sport, and to form a habit of doing regular physical exercise.  At the same time, we also actively nurture talented sportsmen, to improve their sporting skill with a view to participating in various inter-tertiary institute sports championship competitions to win the highest honours for the university. On the whole, the Foguang sports objective is “cultivate a positive spirit as well as learn from exemplary personalities of all ages”. We always believe that the purpose of sporting exercise is to pursue personal physical and mental health, to build a strong body, hoping that every Foguang undergrad and graduate, with a healthy body, will become the backbone of society, pillars of the country, to better serve the community. In order to provide a better and healthier environment for the teaching staff, officers, workers and students, the university has a health centre with professional staff readily providing first-aid service, health consultation as well as general information on health keeping. Newly admitted students are given a physical check-up in the first semester of each academic year.  When problems are identified through such physicals, students concerned are tracked down and referred to relevant units for counselling. Health promotion activities are organized to cover various health issues, such as first aid training, disease prevention and treatment, infectious disease prevention and treatment, nutrition education, food and beverage hygiene, etc., all managed by professional health education personnel, to help students understand their own health state and develop a healthy lifestyle.