EA Div

    • 職稱 : Head
    • Name : 羅采倫 Luo,Tsai-Lun
    • Email : lwluo@mail.fgu.edu.tw
    • Office Tel No. : 11220
    • 負責業務 : 1.Comprehensive professional work in of Extracurricular Activity Division.
      2.Budget management of Student Affairs Department and Student Activity Supporting.
      3.Management of Student Club and Organization System.
      4.Objective Learning of Extracurricular Activity Division.
      5.Fo Guang University Aboriginal Students’ Resource Center Secretary

      Deputy:Rong Xiao、C Y Yang
    • 職稱 : Project Assistant
    • Name : Yun-Chia Lo
    • Email : loyc@gm.fgu.edu.tw
    • Office Tel No. : 11221
    • 負責業務 : 1.Indigenous Student Resource Center Project. 
      2.Indigenous Student Counselling. 
      3.Scholarship information for Indigenous Student
      4.Tutor Friendship Club, College of Humanities Student Association and Department  of Buddhist Students Student Association.
      5.Graduation Ceremony; Week of Multicultural; Christmas Events. 
      ​6.Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge. 

      Deputy:C Y Yang
    • 職稱 : Project Assistant
    • Name : 黃子易
    • Email : tihuang@gm.fgu.edu.tw
    • Office Tel No. : 11226
    • 負責業務 : 1.Budget management ofHigher Education Sprout Project.
      2.Higher Education Sprout Project.
      3.To Residential Colleges ​the Part-Time Workers budget.
      4.Tutor of Student Sports Clubs.
      5.Election of Student Self-Government Group.
      6.Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.

      Deputy: Lo Yun Chia
    • 職稱 : Project Assistant
    • Name : 楊千儀
    • Email : yangcy@mail.fgu.edu.tw
    • Office Tel No. : 11222
    • 負責業務 : 1.Tutor of Student Association of  Cultural Assets and Reinvention Department , Student Association of  Applied Informatics Department, Student Association of Communication Department, and Student Association of Product and Media Design Department.
      2.Tutor of Academic and Art Student Club.
      3.Handle leading elementary and middle schools student clubs development plan
      4.Handle education priority elementary and middle schools student camps.
      5.Handle club leadership training camp and leadership workshop.
      6.Site Rental Management.
      7.Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.

      Deputy:Rong Xiao
    • 職稱 : Project Assistant
    • Name : 呂孟謙 Lu,Meng Chien
    • Email : mclu@mail.fgu.edu.tw
    • Office Tel No. : 11225
    • 負責業務 : 1.Coundel to Social Science and Management Science Department, Recreational Clubs and Organizations.
      2.School Anthem and Three good deeds song Competition, Evaluation of Clubs and Organizations.
      3.Conferences between Student Society Organizations and School, Meeting of the Organization Resources Examining Team, Counsel to Student Society Organizations.Student conduct, reward and punishment review and enforcement, announcement of revised regulations governing awards and punishments.
      4.Part Time Job Management of Extracurricular Activity Division.
      5.Management of Facilities and Activity Assets, Site Rental Management.
      6.Management and updating of Student Affairs Office’s webpage.
      7.Public Service Scholarship.
      8.Budget management of Extracurricular Activity Division.
      9.Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge

      Deputy: Lo Yun Chia​