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    Student Organizations

    Fo Guang University Student Association
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    Student Governance(20)

    student associationstudent Congrerss
    Yun Lai Dormitory Association Hai Yun Building Association
    Lin Meiliao AssociationDepartment of Chinese Literature and Application、Department of History、Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures、Department of Sociology and Social Work、Department of psychology、Department of Applied Economics、Department of Public Affairs、Department of Management、Department of Future Srudies and LOHAS Industry、Department of Health and Creative Vegetarian Cuisine、Department of Cultural Assets and Reinvention、Department of Communication、Department of Product and Media Design、Department of Applied informatics、Department of Buddhist Stusdies。

    Fgu Angel Volunteer TeamFgu blia yadFgu shin shin grover scoutsFgu Good will AmbassadorsFgu SSCFgu Love Service SocietyFgu HU,HAN-WEN Safety Promotional clubFgu Selection、Fgu Intimate Service Team、International volunteer club、Motor Club

    Pop Dance Club、Animation Club、Magic Club、Doujin Creation Club、Activity Counselor Club、Skate Club、Kendama FGU

    Academic Literary Society

    First Aid Club、FGUZZYJ、Rock and POP Music Club、Chinese Music Club、Guitar Club、Taiko Club、Guqin Club、Photo Club、Wind Band、Chinese Chess Club、Percussion Club、FGU American Culture Society、 Movie club、C.D. Youth Club、WeiXin Youth Club、FGU Hip-Hop、七巧手創社、Fgu Aromatherapy、Coffee Club、Electronic music Club、FGU American Culture Society
    Competitive Sport(11)

    Ping Pong Club、Basketball Club、Badminton Club、Softball Club、Billiards Club、Go Club、Volleyball Club、3X3 Basketball bullfight Club、Bicycle club、Aquatic Sports and Recreation、Fgu Cheerleaders team
    Social Development(4)

    FguSYLOverseas Chinese Student AssociationBoard Game Club、Fgu Graduate Association

    If you have other ideas,
    then "organize clubs: signed by more than ten students of our school and initiate a team"
    to encourage you to set up and start a new club