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A Brief Introduction to the Student Affairs Office

     The Student Affairs Office (SAO) was set up in accordance with Article 4 of the Constitution of the University.  Services of the SAO cover various aspects of students’ daily life, including their meals, clothing, accommodation, transportation needs and leisure activities.  The SAO comprises four business units, namely, the Life Counseling Section, the Extracurricular Activities Section, the Sports and Health Section, and the Enquiry and Counseling Section. It is hoped that through this webpage, students can have access to the latest news of the SAO and further information on its four business units, including their main services, various approaches, regulations, and relevant forms that can be downloaded.  It is sincerely hoped that our students will be able to complete their academic pursuit and receive holistic education in a healthy and comfortable environment provided by the University.  Dedicated members of the SAO and its units are here to help students to deal with their needs and problems.