EA Div

    • 職稱 : Head
    • Name : 張煜麟
    • Email :
    • Office Tel No. : 11220,23719
    • 職稱 : Assistant
    • Name : 蕭蓉 Xiao,Rong
    • Email :
    • Office Tel No. : 11225
    • 負責業務 : 1. Handling student loan applications, and scrutiny and approval thereof.
      2. Formulation of plans for the promotion of moral character building education and Sprout schooling (深耕學校) by tertiary institutions subsidized by the Ministry of Education, its implementation and results review.
      3. Implementation of Academic Affairs Department's projects on Teaching Excellence and Higher Education Sprout Project, and review of its results.
      4. Selection of goodwill ambassadors, their management, training, service and activities.
      5. Management and updating of Student Affairs Office’s webpage.
      6. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.
    • 職稱 : Assistant
    • Name : 黃惠姿
    • Office Tel No. : 11226
    • 負責業務 : 1. Handling of applications for preferential rate, reduction and exemption of tuition and miscellaneous fees.
      2. Proceed Scholarships & living expenses application for economically disadvantaged students .
      3. Handling applications for various grants provided by the University or outside institutions, and scrutiny and approval thereof.
      4. Handling of applications for the "Love Pickles Society grants", and scrutiny and approval thereof.
      5. Management and disbursement of the administrative funds and petty cash of the Student Affairs Office.
      6. Handling of applications for "emergency assistance grant”, and scrutiny and approval thereof.
      7. Handling of applications from low-income students for grants from the University Property Foundation, and scrutiny and approval thereof.
      8. Member of the Internal Audit Committee of the Student Affairs Office. 9. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.
      Office: A205
    • 職稱 : Project Assistant
    • Name : 羅雲嘉 Lo
    • Email :
    • Office Tel No. : 11221
    • 負責業務 : 1.Indigenous Student Resource Center Project. 
      2.Indigenous Student Counselling. 
      3.Scholarship information for Indigenous Student
      4.Tutor Friendship Club, College of Humanities Student Association .
      5.Graduation Ceremony; Week of Multicultural; Christmas Events. 
      ​6.Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge. 

      Deputy:C Y Yang
    • 職稱 : Project Assistant
    • Name : 楊鈞任 Yang
    • Email :
    • Office Tel No. : 11223
    • 負責業務 : 1.輔導佛教學系系學會、服務性社團。

      1.Coundel to Buddhist Students Student Association,.
      2.School Anthem and Three good deeds song Competition,.
      3.Part Time Job Management of Extracurricular Activity Division.
      4.Management of Facilities and Activity Assets, Site Rental Management.
      5.Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge

      Deputy: Lo Yun Chia​