Status SA Div
Name 楊岑方
Office Tel No. .
職稱 Dormitory administrator
負責業務 1. Management of Lin Mei Liao dormitory. 2. Applications for repair of equipment. 3. Evening roll calls, and maintenance of contact. 4. Order maintenance. 5. Management of the delivery of the sick to the hospital. 6. Handling of sudden situation involving resident students. 7. Control of dormitory cleaning work. 8. Dormitory property management. 9. Management of dormitory staff and assignment of duties. 10. Submission of daily dormitory logs and their transfer. 11. Any other duties assigned by the officer-in-charge.
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
省立頭城高級中學 高中 專科 專科 1978.09 ~ 1981.06
Experience Category Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
專任 學生事務處 書記(宿舍輔導) 2014.08 ~ 2023.11
專任 學生事務處 約僱宿舍管理員 2012.02 ~ 2014.07
長榮鳳凰酒店 房務員 2011.10 ~ 2012.01
維麒科技公司 巡檢員 2002.05 ~ 2008.12