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Consultation profile


◆ Consulting service-

For students who have difficulties in life, school or interpersonal issues, provide preliminary clarification and analysis of the problem and provide further information.

◆Individual consultations-

For students who need or are referred by a mentor, provide one-on-one services to allow students to explore and perceive themselves in a safe space and work with a consultant to solve the difficulties they face.   Appointment consultation

◆Group Consultation-

Provide community support to allow students to experience human-and-human relationships and spiritual growth in the community.

◆Class tutoring-

After applying through the tutor, teachers are sent by the Auxiliary Group to attend classes for mental health promotion and education lectures. Discuss with students on specific topics, such as interpersonal relationships, career interests, personality traits, mood adjustment, stress techniques, life adaptation, reading strategies, etc., in order to provide students with relevant knowledge and perspectives to achieve the guidance effect of crisis prevention and life education.

◆Psychological tests-

For students who need or mentor referrals, provide the application and explanation of interpersonal relationships, career interests, personality, life adaptation, reading strategy and other related tests, so that students can understand themselves more objectively, and can be used as the basis for self-exploration and career planning.

◆Mental health lectures and activities-

 Conduct all kinds of lectures and activities to promote mental health education.  Sign up for links


1.How to apply?

Fill in your profile to the consultation coaching system,make an appointment with the psychologist sints in the consultation group.

2.What is counseling?

​Psychological counseling is a process in which a counselor, by using professional knowledge and skills in psychology, helps a struggling, confused individual to gradually clarify one’s problems, helps one view problems from different perspectives, and helps empowering the individual in order to tackle adversities and to discover ways to problem-solve.

Individual interview is the most common approach in counseling. Other approaches may incorporate the use of artistic medium, acting, Tarot cards, and play therapy to assist individuals explore themselves and organize their thoughts. In general, a 50-minute session is conducted once a week. Depending on needs of individuals, the duration may be several weeks or months, depending on the issue in discussion and the mental state of the individual.

3.Is there something wrong with me if I seek counseling services?

Many people are afraid and worried about going to Consultative Counseling Group, fearing that they are either abnormal or will be labeled as “mentally ill”, which mars their education/employment history; however, these are merely misconceptions about counseling. In fact, the  Consultative Counseling Group is for those who wish to better understand themselves and take care of themselves. In our lives, adversities are inevitable, be it about career decisions, interpersonal problems, difficulties in studying, relationship problems, depression, anxiety and so on. When such hardships arise, it means not that you are a problematic person, but that life has presented you with a new challenge. If you feel lonely and helpless facing such difficulties, counselors at the  Consultative Counseling Group are more than willing to accompany you on this journey.

All conversations and personal information disclosed in counseling sessions are confidential. Confidentiality applies to all cases except for the following circumstances: You pose a threat to your or to other people’s lives; information disclosure is demanded by legal liabilities and the law. Otherwise, all information disclosed at the  Consultative Counseling Group is processed and protected with strict confidentiality.

4.Do i have to pay for the counseling services ?

In our campus, the counseling services is free.



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