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Resources related to psychological consultation in schools

★ individual applications for consultation-Online booking system

★ teacher referral application-Referral form

★ class tutoring application-

★ book borrowing method-

★ articles on mental health-

Epidemic Prevention Zone

epidemic prevention

protect yourself, protect others, and live in peace of mind from epidemic prevention and isolation

Emotional management 

★emotions and learning-


★psychological development of adolescence, adulthood and adulthood.

★gender identity and mental health.

★What is psychotherapy?

Mental health 

★understanding mental illness. 

★Common mental illness.

★How to identify students with mental illness?

★How to get along with a student with a mental illness?

★The Concept of Normal Psychology and The Symptoms of Mental Illness and Its Causes.

★The Three Areas of Mental Health--Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mental Illness.

Other categories 

★The idea of creating a school by Venerable Master Hsing Yun.

★Principal Professor Ong Zhengyi's words to teachers - education with love